L.A.T. 2003-2006

Series of 2-colour Silkscreen, each in edition of 15
Kasper Andreasen & Tine Melzer, Kees Maas

Living Apart Together (L.A.T.), a periodical socio-political commentary in the form of a poster, was initiated as an independent poster project by printmaker Kees Maas in Amsterdam in 2003. Alternately and reactively, the duo Andreasen & Melzer and Maas create a silkscreen in an edition of 15 prints.

The starting point was the everyday term ‘Living Apart Together’, and every subsequent print has decoded the abbreviation L.A.T. by making reference to a topical cultural or political subject. Whereas the posters by Kees Maas primarily combine social opinions with ‘secret master-printmaking processes’, the posters by Andreasen & Melzer follow their own specific method described as “The Editorial of Truth-Making” a means of commenting on topical issues or events via the printmaking process.
Printing Matters
“The medium of the L.A.T. poster is inserted into the context of the Printing Matters event, in which the subject of distribution is placed in relation to the meaning of the public and public attention. How does work find its public, or does the public find the work?
Our proposal is the installation of a site-specific posterwall, Liebe Alte Tante / Druk Pers en Bewonder, as a construct to mix the form and content of Kees Maas’ social statements and our own political satire. By doing this we are attempting to ‘test’ the audience rather than ‘create’ it. Also two special editions of L.A.T. : Latest Archive Test and Lalala, Aha-Aha, Tidelidee (Go Paradize) have been created for the exhibition, in reaction to KIOSK and the subject of the event.” Kees Maas runs Interbellum Grafiek.

Let' Arnold Tell – Come to California (Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes Gouvernor of California)

Let's Avoid Trouble – The Power of Pisa. The Tower of Pisa is crooked on the Top and not at the Bottom (Dangerous Friendships, i.e. Berlusconi and Putin)

Liberal America Today – God bless America tomorrow (Politics under conservative Rule in the U.S.)

Left As Tautology – Choose (On Left and Right and Linguistic Disorientation)

Lips Arse Tits – Did you know that every second man is a woman? (On Machism and Feminism, Phallic Symbols in Public)

Lines Alter Territory – The Chinese Wall is the longest wall and one of the seven wonders of the world (On walls and borders of states)

Life After Television – Resist The Remote Controle (On Media use and abuse)

Latest Archive Test – Readers Digest (On Archives and Knowledge)

Look After Terrorists – Love your enemies and kill your darlings (Power and Violence)

Live All Together – Strive is the Father of All Things (On Socialism and Inequality)