soft cover, 96 pages. By Tine Melzer & Markus Kummer.

Bleisulfid / Lead Sulphide is part of the book series A Published Event for Lost Rocks (2017–21) by Justy Phillips and Margaret Woodward. It is published in english (ISBN 978-0-6482557-2-7) and german (ISBN 978-0-6482557-3-4). Available at Archive / UC Books, Erikastrasse 11, Zürich.

‘Places where I do not belong: playgrounds, sandboxes, beaches, hotel restaurants, waiting rooms, cruise ships, shopping malls, highways, funfairs, ski huts, hairdressers, shoe shops, swimming pools. This list is incomplete and what does it indicate? My impatience with people who are entirely sure of themselves. Disquiet with the demonstrative pleasures of feeding, breeding and leisure.’


This country is made of mountains. Some pieces of the mountains have rolled downhill and sit in public squares of villages and cities or at the lake promenades as erratic blocks. They are called foundling or gibber. Very small rubblestones turn into pebbles and they are rarely found in the tidy cities. The stones pictured here have been collected on the streets of the city, where even little pebbles are considered obstacles.

Special thanks to Anna Canby Monk, Anika Reidt, Thomi Wolfensberger and to David Zürcher & Emma Jones. And to Chrsitoph Schifferli and Paul Brunner.